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Sometimes #BlackTwitter gets it right, and other times Black twitter gets it really right

I was down for Pharrell, but he is in sore need of a thorough dragging to rid him of his White-gaze thirst and tacit respectability politics BS. I mean, what’s next, an “Accidental Racist” duet with LL?

Honorable mention to @LouMinoti:


Pharrell needs to come out and clarify this shit before everyone forgets him….Money corrupts some, for real……

Pharrell is a dummy for this shit.


'it's not about pigmentation but mentality….'


whiney crying arse fool. that happy song must have got to his head and turned him into a wastefool. ugh

Basically what Miley said with her black is a vibe bull shit. I’m not here for either of them.

He’s a tool, but I already bought Happy. Phew, glad he got ig’nant after I gave him money because that’s a good song y’all.


chinese food is more important than 95% of the things in my life



- Hazel

"Lupita felt amazing the day of Oscars. Once her publicist left the room, we decided to have a dance-off, so she put on Beyonce’s Grown Woman and we broke it down."
-Larry Sims, hair stylist for Lupita Nyong’o (via famousbeyoncefans)
"All three of us models are very successful in our careers, but because in the fashion industry ‘there’s only one black girl allowed’, they’ve made us compete to be that one girl. Beyoncé allowed us to show the world that we don’t have to fight against each other. She gave us the chance to see that we [black models] are far more powerful together."
-Chanel Iman about her breakthrough feature on the ‘Yoncé’ video with Joan Smalls and Jourdan Dunn  (via adoringbeyonce)
"I’m still dissecting everything. Because I love lyrics. So I’m just taking everything in. But the imagery is so beautiful. And I love how much - it’s a more creative and sexual vibe. And I just love how Beyoncé feels confident in her own skin. And inspires so many women to love themselves and I think when she calls herself Queen B, I think she’s telling other women ‘You’re a queen too!’. And that’s what I got when I went to her concert. Like wow! She’s so inspiring and so loving. And she wants other women to see themselves as queens, as they are! And she just makes me feel some type of way. When I watched the videos, I’m like, ‘Yes hunny! Let me go put on my lingerie!’"
-Tika Sumpter on Beyoncé and the new album (via famousbeyoncefans)
"Because of Beyonce many young women are talking about feminism and hopefully young men because she has such a following. I have had young people in Nigeria who probably would have never heard of my TED talk without Beyonce and who are now talking about feminism."

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (via famousbeyoncefans)

Obsessed with the blog Famous Beyonce Fans

-anna f

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Anne Boleyn/ King Henry VIII inspired nail set


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pro tip: if you’re ever arrested, use your one call to call the police station and pretend to be the police chief then tell the police officer to release you from jail immediately


if a guy ever tells you “you’d look better if you wore less makeup”, tell him he’d look better if he wore more, because 1) he’s likely to get indignant and defensive about his ‘poor masculinity’, and 2) he almost definitely would look better